Javascript woes, Stimulus to the rescue, and online Railsconf talks

March 27, 2020, noon (3 years, 8 months ago)

[00:04:37] There is a discussion about using escape JavaScript in apps as well using jQuery.

[00:08:24] Jason talks about learning Backbone and then learning JavaScript outside of jQuery. Andrew says he’s always heard good things about Backbone.  

[00:10:14] Nate asks Andrew about his Gatsby experiment and how much of it is Java XML configurations and how much of his time is spent doing that stuff as opposed to actually programming.  Andrew also explains how he was, “Nerd Sniped!” Storybook is also brought up as well. 

[00:16:05] The guys all talk about how they use Jekyll and Jason mentions a cool thing about Gatsby and it’s pretty interesting.   

[00:22:53] Chris talks about fiddling with an app to use Google Maps to throw together a quick map and use a stimulus to control the map and it’s pretty cool! 

[00:29:30] Chris mentions since RailsConf has been cancelled and has been postponed he’s wondering if there will be any announcements made on the new stuff they have been working on or if they will release anything new to address certain issues.

[00:31:00] Nate talks about how Stimulus Reflex has the same mental model as React, where it’s data driven.

[00:33:25 Chris doesn’t know what’s going to happen exactly, but RailsConf speakers were emailed about potentially recording their talk at home and submitting it, then it will maybe go up on their YouTube instead of conference talks. He is curious to see what will happen with that.  

[00:34:22] Andrew discusses his progress on the remote Ruby Online Meetup that he’s putting together. 




Chris Oliver

Andrew Mason

Nate Hopkins

Jason Charnes







Stimulus controllers

Stimulus Values and Classes API’s


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