Joined by Adam Wathan: TailwindCSS, Tailwind UI, and ActionView Components

In this episode we welcome back a special guest, Adam Wathan, creator of Tailwind CSS. We find out some cool things that have happened in Tailwind, new things that have launched in Tailwind UI, and issues he ran into when building it. Adam tells us about a work system they use called the six-week cycle with a two-week cool down, which really helps with prioritizing things. We also talk with Adam about how he approaches building components in JavaScript libraries like Vue in an effort to apply some of that wisdom to ViewComponent.

[00:04:26] Adam tells us all the cool things happening in Tailwind.

[00:08:09] Jason wonders if Tailwind UI is considered early access.

[00:10:52] Jason is curious to know when Adam comes across sites in the wild when he’s using the web, does he wonder if it’s Tailwind or Tailwind UI. 

[00:13:37] Adam talks about issues he ran into when building Tailwind UI. He also mentions another project that he hopes will be out by end of the year or early next year.

[00:24:47] Chris wonders if Adam realized they were going to run into everybody wondering how to write the JavaScript for these components in Tailwind UI.

[00:32:58] Adam tells us what his life is like now during the day since he’s taken on employees, and if he finds himself doing a lot more business work versus open source or Tailwind UI work. He talks about the “six-week cycle with a two-week cool down” that they have been doing at work.

[00:40:18] Jason’s been using a lot of Tailwinds UI and a lot of Rails, and he is wondering what Adam’s approach is to building components in Vue and React.

[00:49:46] Jason and Adam discuss table components and Adam mentions the Braid Design System and React Native Web.

[00:57:34] Jason asks Adam if he has any bets on the new HEY technology that Basecamp is releasing.


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