Joined by Josh Wood from and

[00:01:54] Chris asks Josh if there is a viewing party going on for RailsConf online stuff since RailsConf was canceled.  Josh explains what is going on and talks about a RailsConf Virtual Hallway that is planned. 

[00:09:05] Josh talks about what’s new at Honeybadger and how the transition’s been like for them.  

[00:11:49] There was something that caught the attention of the guys on Reddit recently that Josh released called “Heya.”  It’s been a side project of his at Honeybadger and he talks about it here. 

[00:20:37] Josh gives an overview of how Heya works. 

[00:35:18] Jason asks Josh about licensing and since it’s a bit different from other projects he’s seen, he asks Josh to talk more about how that works and how he came up with that. Josh mentions using a license called Prosperity Public and Dependabot which is Open Source.

[00: 039:55] Andrew brings up CodeFund being completely Open Source, cloning apps, and how the model is working for him. 

[00:42:25] Jason asks Josh if when a user gets subscribed to a campaign, but then wants to unsubscribe, is that something you have on your roadmap or is that just figuring out your notifications yourself?  Josh explains and he mentions a gem by Andrew Kane, called “Mailkick” which has worked very well. 

[00:48:12] To end the episode, Josh says to check out Honeybadger and Heya.  Andrew comments he likes the dark mode on Honeybadger! Also, Josh mentions he’s on a and to check it out.




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