José Valim, creator of Elixir and form Rails core contributor

May 6, 2022, noon (7 months ago)

[00:01:29] José tells us his background and what he does, and Seth explains how he found himself on a Ruby podcast with the Elixir creator.

[00:03:47] We find out how José got started in Ruby and progress into being a Rails core team member.

[00:07:40] We hear how José went from being a Rails core team member to creating Elixir, and he tells us about an influential paper called, “The Free Lunch Is Over.”

[00:24:28] José talks about the story of Elixir, the story around putting it into the world, the features that have grown in it, and the adoption.


[00:26:46] We learn more about if José considers himself a Web Developer before he got into writing Elixir.

[00:32:34] Jose shares how long it took him to get from starting Elixir to where he felt confident in it with people running in production.

[00:34:54] Where does Phoenix, a popular web framework for Elixir, come into play?

[00:41:11] José shares a story about LiveView.

[00:51:16] José goes in depth about distributed systems and the solution that most people would do and the really cool solution. 

[01:03:13] Jason brings up something José said which was, “Using Elixir and Phoenix, it’s just a great developer experience,” and he expands more on this explaining the good cases outside of concurrency for using Elixir.

[01:09:33] Chris wonders if there are any rough edges of Elixir that José still wants to put some polish on.

[01:15:42] We hear about Laravel and how they are a great example of trying to be all encompassing.

[01:16:09] José shares his thoughts on supporting authentication in a web application.

[01:23:24] We learn what José is working on that’s new and exciting with Elixir, and he also tells us about Nerves, FarmBot, Broadway, and Numerical Elixir.

[01:31:32] Find out where you can follow José on the internet. 


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The Free Lunch is Over: A Fundamental Turn Toward Concurrency is Software 


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