Junior Devs, Mentoring, and Training with Adam Cuppy

July 29, 2022, noon (4 months ago)

[00:06:03] Adam gives us a brief intro and we find out about the talk he gave at RubyConf 2015 called, What If Shakespeare Wrote Ruby.

[00:09:33] We hear Adam’s background, his journey to programming, and Co-founding Zeal.

[00:14:21] Adam fills us in on where he learned Rails, and the resources he used for learning Ruby on Rails.

[00:24:52] We learn what triggers Andrew about everybody saying there’s Rails jobs but they’re all looking for Seniors, and then we find out what Adam is doing to get more involved with teaching developers and helping level up developers.

[00:34:01] Andrew and Jason share their positive mentorship experiences and what they gained from them.

[00:41:06] Adam explains the challenge we face as a community with Junior Developers, and how we really need to create a more welcoming environment for people to enter in.

[00:45:37] Jason and Andrew share their concerns about the future of the community.  

[00:47:35] Adam switches things up by asking Jason and Andrew what they think our first step is and what do we do tomorrow. 

[00:53:41] Find out why Adam thinks it would make a huge difference if more companies offered internships.


[00:56:10] Adam tells us about a new podcast coming soon that he’ll be hosting and where you can follow him on the internet. 


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