Live from RubyConf 2021!

[00:00:28] The panelists introduce themselves.

[00:01:37] We hear what everyone is most excited about being at RubyConf and the talks they are most excited about going to.

[00:04:11] Jason Swett shares how he prepped for the workshops, and Nick and Emily tell us about their talks. 

[00:08:13] Jemma asks the panelists why they come to conferences and what brings them here.

[00:11:12] Everyone here is a podcaster, so we find out why they do these podcasts.

[00:15:11] The panelists share what is so special and unique about the Ruby community.

[00:18:59] Find out which podcast episodes the panelists are most proud of that they put out. 

[00:22:42] What do the panelists think about the diversity of people they bring on to their podcasts?


[00:26:33] The panelists all share some great stories about Brittany Martin, how awesome she is, how she’s one of the best interviewers, and what a GEM she is!   

[00:29:49] Jemma wonders how the panelists stay on top of what’s going on in the Ruby community.

[00:32:01] The panelists talk about how they, as podcasters, think through what might be interesting to talk about on their podcasts.

[00:37:10] Find out who the panelists call their “Ruby Heroes.” 

[00:44:34] The panelists tell us how they find themselves consistently producing podcast episodes without suffering from burnout. 


Jemma Issroff

Andrew Mason

Jason Charnes

Emily Giurleo

Nick Schwaderer

Jason Swett




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