Load Testing Rails Applications & Rails Conferences

March 25, 2022, noon (2 years, 3 months ago)

[00:02:15] Jason shares some interesting news that happened at Podia that involves Harry Connick Jr. and load testing. 

[00:05:54] Chris tells us a story about his first Rails job which was building a website for Justin Timberlake’s 901Tequila.

[00:07:08] Jason tells us about a tool they used called k6. 

[00:18:11] Chris and Jason chat about query times with Heroku Postgres and Heroku Dashboard.

[00:20:13] There’s a great talk by Gary Bernhardt about Text Editor that Chris explains.

[00:24:18] We find out about Jason’s Sin City Ruby talk which was supposed to be on Simplicity but it now on SQL and Active Record.  He also tells us about the talk Colleen Schnettler is doing on arel.

[00:26:32] Jason had to do some SQL at Podia and talks about how there was no good way to make it anything but SQL.

[00:30:56] The guys chat about submitting talks for RailsConf 2022.

[00:34:32] Jason shares a funny story about the last time he did a talk at RubyConf 2017 and what happened when the fire alarm went off.


[00:37:20] Find out what the guys are doing when they’re in Vegas.

[00:38:34] Earlier the guys were talking about missing indexes or things that could be indexed and Andrew tells us about a gem called lol_dba and Derailed Benchmarks.

[00:41:48] The guys share much needed thank-you’s to some important people for their contributions, inspiration, and all the work they’ve done for Rails.


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Andrew Mason


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Derailed Benchmarks

Saving Ruby from the Apocalypse with Jason Charnes (RubyConf 2017)

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