Managing Technical Debt, Vue 3, and Adding Linters to Legacy Code Bases

[00:01:49] Chris tells us he had somebody using Jumpstart that couldn’t get into his app, so he explains how he solved the problem. He also talks about how he used yarn link.

[00:10:10] Chris talks about how he was trying to improve administrates navigation, which is actually based off your routes. 

[00:15:38] The guys chat about how the official version of Vue 3.0.0 was released! 

[00:18:14] Jason’s been busy writing SQL at work doing campaign emails and what’s been going on with that. Chris asks Jason if he’s been adding new features to it or just cleaning things up and improving it. 

[00:23:20] Jason tells us he’s still working on his site editor at work, but it’s his bug rotation week now.  Chris wonders if he keeps a backlog of technical debt that you just tackle and work on when you’ve got time, also, if he ever has things that are too big to fit in the week. Chris talks about how he’s been dealing with large scale technical debt.

[00:28:25] Chris talks about how he’s been enjoying using Podia for the Advanced Ruby course launch. 

[00:29:53] Andrew asks the guys a question about using RuboCop standard prettier and installing it on legacy base. Let’s just say Andrew gives 1 A choice and 3 B choices. ☺ Jason and Chris explain what they do, and Andrew voices his opinion as well.  

[00:40:00] Andrew tells Jason he needs to teach him how to come to terms with this issue and it will probably be like a karate kid kind of montage. ☺

[00:40:29] Andrew talks about Rails Best Practices, Flog, and Flay, and wonders when do you decide if I need to keep this dependency because it will provide value if I use it, or this is not providing me value and I should just get rid of it.   


Jason Charnes

Andrew Mason

Chris Oliver


Advanced Ruby: Behind The Magic Course
“My Life is potato”- YouTube

Stimulus Reflex Print warning and exit if caching is disabled or npm/gem versions are mismatched #309-GitHub

Yarn Link

RuboCoping with legacy

Discourse-ignore coding standards applied to plugins-GitHub

RuboCop- Safe auto-correct

Rails best practices-GitHub


Vue.js v3.0.0 

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