MimeMagic broke EVERYTHING

[00:03:19] Andrew starts us off with a funny story starting with having some discrepancies on staging and locally and using redirect back method. 

[00:06:52] Chris and Andrew dive into discussing Leftpad.

[00:12:05] Chris brings up the fiasco that went down on Twitter with mimemagic dependency and Andrew explains it.


[00:18:39] We learn about a new version of Rails that was just released, and Chris mentions the mimemagic gem has 110 million downloads! Andrew gives a shout-out to Jon Wood.

[00:23:06] Andrew talks about licenses being hard to understand and about GPL (General Public License) packages that you may have in your app and not know about.

[00:24:43] Chris tells us about fiddling with fixing some tests and things. 

[00:27:35] Vendor gem is explained by Andrew, and Chris shares a story about using legacy code.

[00:32:38] Chris announces he finished his RailsConf 2021 talk after spending about forty hours working on it, he tells us more about the schedule of events, and how it’s going to be better than last year.

[00:36:46] Chris and Andrew reminisce about missing the in-person conferences and just being able to hang out with everybody. Andrew tells us there are a ton of Ruby meetups virtually happening, not a lot are U.S. based, but anyone can join them, and he will be speaking at one soon. 

[00:37:58] Chris is doing a Q&A on day three of RailsConf 2021, and you can ask him your burning question about how cool Jason is! ☺ Chris also mentions to not miss Aaron Patterson’s talk.

[00:41:33] Chris mentions we have this sort of revival of everything right now and how Rails 7 is slated for RailsConf and Webpacker 6 is coming out as well.

[00:42:30] Andrew talks about how he wrote a comprehensive article on upgrading Webpack 6 and he tells us what happened.  Chris talks about doing a tuple the other day and he asks Andrew if he ran into the issue with the content hash being missing in Webpack 6. 


Chris Oliver

Andrew Mason




Jon Wood Twitter

RailsConf 2021

mimemagic 0.4.3

Dependency on mimemagic 0.3.x no longer valid-GitHub

Yanked 0.3x breaks Rails install-GitHub

GNU General Public License, version 2

Mimemagic Dependency graph-GitHub

Wepacker 6: Upgrade Guide by Andrew Mason

Missouri DMV

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