MiniTest for Those Who RSpec

Welcome to Remote Ruby!  On this episode, we have Jason and Chris.  Chris tells us that their Hey email addresses got secured and that makes him excited for Rails 6.1. Jason brings up his struggles with MiniTests and Chris comes to the rescue and helps him out.  Also, the guys have discussions on Tailwind CSS and PurgeCSS config, working on field help, RSpec, Factories, Fixtures, Faker and Mocha Gems, and Shoulda Matchers. We end with finding out Jason is publishing the Stimulus Reflex Testing Library. Download this episode now! 

[00:01:45] Chris and Jason talk about Hey email and how they love using it.  

[00:07:50] Chris mentions Snowpack, which he doesn’t know much about, so he needs to look into it. 

[00:10:15] Tailwind CSS now has the PurgeCSS configuration option and Chris and Jason chat more about this.   

[00:11:44] Jason asks Chris if he knows what kind of Action Texts changes are coming?

[00:13:09] Chris and Jason talk about Basecamp and new things DHH and Jason Fried are working on.  

[00:16:44] Jason talks about working on field help, MiniTests, and RSpec. 

[00:19:48] Jason brings up his struggles with MiniTests and Chris helps him out. Factories and Fixtures are also discussed. 

[00:27:35] Jason tells us his favorite gem, which is Faker and why. Also, Jason mentions Shoulda Matchers in RSpec and he asks Chris if he’s ever tested certain validations or associations.

[00:40:40] Jason asks Chris about bringing in context block stuff as a mini test extension and does it then switch to the IT Syntax or does it still test this thing?

[00:43:44] Jason asks Chris if he’s ever used Mocha.

[00:46:43] Chris talks about Julian Rubbish building a and what he’s doing with it. And Chris also mentions Jason publishing the Stimulus Reflex Testing Library, which is not complete, but it exists. 




Jason Charnes

Chris Oliver





Integrate PurgeCSS into Tailwind-GitHub


Shoulda Matchers-GitHub


Better Stimulus

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