Modernizing A Community Is Hard

[00:00:34] Jason and Chris chat about voting, election, and COVID. Chris mentions a GitHub repository that posts the election votes in real time. 

[00:9:56] Chris tells us there is good news on the horizon with Ruby 3.0 and Rails 6.1 coming out soon, and the guys chat about the changes.


[00:13:10] Jason is curious on Chris and Andrew’s thoughts on how Turbolinks is going to affect the adoption and the use of StimulusReflex.


[00:19:37] Andrew talks about how the messaging around Turbolinks has never been as good as it could have been. Chris talks about the biggest flaws with Turbolinks and Stimulus.


[00:23:30] Jason touches on something deeper talking about people contributing to docs and how he finds StimulusReflex less intimidating to contribute to as a whole. Andrew talks about community building, using Discord, how people take things too far, and words matter.

[00:31:00] Chris talks about joining a community where everything is broken because people are adopting this new tool, it’s really hard to get excited about that community. Andrew mentions frustrations he used to have with the jQuery plugin.

[00:37:00] Andrew’s been noticing some Rails Developers not wanting to change or learn new things and wonders if the guys have thoughts on this. 

[00:45:40] Andrew brings up how cool Snowpack is and how Spelt is completely moving over to Snowpack. Also, Bridgetown is working on Snowpacker to bring Snowpack to Rails, and how Webpack makes no sense and it’s impossible to navigate.

[00:50:00] Chris mentions there’s a lot of value to removing the context switching of JavaScript on the front end and Ruby on the backend or any other language. Jason talks about why he loves Convention over Configuration.

[00:53:54] Find out about the Haml video Andrew is making. ☺


Jason Charnes

Andrew Mason

Chris Oliver




Election Results GitHub Repository

RubyConf 2017: Saving Ruby from the Apocalypse by Jason Charnes-YouTube

Ruby on Rails 3.0 Release Notes

Rails 6.1 Release Notes





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