Pagy and Beginner Bounties

March 17, 2023, noon (1 year, 3 months ago)

On this episode of Remote Ruby, if you’ve never heard of The Cannonball Run, Chris explains what it involves, Andrew is down for it of course, and Jason tells us Vin Diesel recorded a song and Andrew celebrated his birthday!  In the Ruby world,  we’ll find out why the guys are all fans of Pagy, and we’ll hear about a fun hack day project that the talented guys from GoRails built called, Beginner Bounties.  Basically, if you’re a Junior Developer and you need to build your resume and want to stand out, you can use this platform to list small engineering projects for other people and get paid for it. Also, the guys discuss why shipping is such a great skill to have, finding the right job you enjoy, avoiding burnout, the importance of taking breaks, balancing things out, and there’s some valuable advice given for all the Junior Developers out there that you don’t want to miss.  Hit download now to hear more! 

[00:04:50] At the end of last year, Andrew was working with Turbo and infinite scrolling Pagination, we find out what happened when the author of Pagy reached out to him. Chris and Andres give a huge shout-out to the author for doing top notch maintenance. 

[00:10:18] If you build Pagination on the frontend with React, Jason explains that Pagy’s really good because they have a metadata option you can turn on that has the full set of variables and properties to build pagination on the front end. Jason did it with Inertia.js and there’s a great episode to check out with the creator of it.  

[00:13:39] The new Pagy docs look incredible, we hear about Microsoft .NET, and Chris tells us about using someone’s browser called a kiosk browser.

[00:18:36] Chris announces at GoRails this week, they decided to have a fun hack day and built a site called Beginner Bounties. Chris had this idea for years, and it’s geared towards Junior Developers. Go check it out! 

[00:22:00] Andrew plays devil’s advocate and asks a question using a real example regarding a project, needing to upgrade a gem to take advantage of a new configuration system, and rather than figuring out how to do it, he could pay someone to figure it out faster. Why is this wrong? 

[00:26:38] We hear a great story about Colin and how he got the experience he needed by helping Andrew, which led to him finally getting a job. Rails developers are the top paid developers right now, but Chris tells us there’s not a lot of Junior job openings right now but hopes companies will start hiring more juniors since it will be hard to fight for the senior positions. 

[00:30:25] There is important advice shared here regarding shipping, and why it’s a great skill to have. 


[00:31:22] Chris tells us about a PR that someone made to the prefixed_ids gem.

[00:33:58] Andrew and Chris talk about bounties for Juniors to gain experience in coding. 


[00:43:23] The valuable points shared here is don’t wait for an opportunity to come to you. Start doing something! The people who get stuff done are the ones who will get hired.  The worst thing you can do is fail, but you can always try, try again! Also, people hire their friends, and they can help when it comes to finding a job, and when you work with friends you can accomplish more, you can learn more, and have more fun. 

[00:49:18] Andrew and Chris discuss enjoying what you do for a living, balancing things out, avoiding burnout, and the importance of taking breaks.


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