Paul Bahr aka "Whats a GitHub?" aka "High School with Ashtrays"

[00:01:06] Paul tells us the story of how he got into audio editing and podcasting.

[00:05:19] We learn how Paul got linked up with the Remote Ruby podcast, as well as Brittany’s Ruby on Rails podcast. 

[00:09:01] Paul does True Crime podcasts and he tells us what he loves about them.

[00:09:31] Since Paul has edited many, many episodes for both of the podcasts, Brittany wonders if there are certain words that exist within the Ruby community.

[00:10:11] Brittany brings up the infamous Remote Ruby Episode 146, where Andrew starts off swearing for several minutes, and Andrew explains what happened.

[00:13:04] Paul shares tips and tricks on starting a new podcast, and advice on what you need to have in order to have a long running podcast.

[00:16:22] We find out from Paul if thinks there’s still room out there for other podcasts.

[00:17:42] Brittany mentions a Tweet by Jason about how the US Postal service is going to have a podcast. Brittany wonders why corporate people decide they need to do a podcast, which Paul thinks is the hot thing right now! 

[00:19:09] If you need podcast equipment advice, Paul is your man and tells you what you need to get started and reveals the best days and times to publish a podcast.

[00:22:44] What is Paul’s editing workflow?

[00:25:53] Find out what order Paul edits his shows, and does he get into the data of the shows by tracking the shows he edits, checking how they are performing, and how they’re trending in other countries.

[00:27:59] Andrew wonders if there’s anything they can do to improve their podcasts.

[00:29:27] Find out where you can follow Paul online.


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Paul Bahr




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