Rails Hackathon 2022 & Turbo 7.2 release

Sept. 30, 2022, noon (1 year, 2 months ago)

[00:01:01] Andrew explains how he had to make a complex data table.

[00:03:27] Chris talks about an entry at Rails Hackathon called “Con[text]” for learning Spanish and English.

[00:05:07] We learn about some of the cool improvements with the new Turbo release.

[00:11:08] Chris tells us everything that went on at Rails Hackathon, and he tells us the winner of the Judges’ Favorite which was Typefighters by Team Rubades.

[00:13:42] Find out more about the Best Solo/Community Favorite award given to Jim Jones’ Checkpoint Rails, and Chris brings up a talk Bret Victor did in 2012 called, “Inventing on Principle.”

[00:19:38] We hear more about the killer submission, Airtable clone by HotTable, which won the “Most Phlex-ible” award.

[00:22:22] The last award Chris explains is the “Kent Believe He Finished” award.

[00:23:20] Andrew asks Chris if he saw any usage of Turbo that he was surprised about and never would have thought to do that.

[00:26:29] Chris explains the support they had for Rails Hackathon and what he wants for the next one.


[00:29:29] Chris tells us how he wants to do Rails Hackathons a couple times a year and things they could do to keep it fun. 

[00:34:21] Andrew mentions to Chris for the next Hackathon they should think about adding some categories so when they judge they can do some comparing. 

[00:35:25] Without leaking too much info, Andrew announces he started pairing with Nate Hopkins on the weekends again.


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Rails Hackathon 2022 Winners

checkpoint-rails 0.1.2

Bret Victor-Inventing on Principle (YouTube)

Destroy All Software (Gary Bernhardt)

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