Rails' new Request.js library, Ruby Radar, and CSS for Email

[00:00:50] Andrew fills us in on the Ruby Radar stuff and if anyone is interested in being a part of it or helping out you can reach out to him! 


[00:03:25] Andrew tells us about using elink which is like a bookmarking tool.

[00:05:03] Chris tells us about doing email work for the job board he wants to set up and we find out what happens since it’s been awhile that he did any CSS work in email.

[00:07:32] Andrew explains what Maizzle does and how it works.


[00:12:07] Chris tells us about Rails Request.JS which is a brand new Rails library.

[00:16:13] We learn more about the WWW-Authenticate header.

[00:23:42] Andrew talks about a really cool Web Component thing that Rails people like to use which is called Shoelace. He also mentions Lit and Bridgetown Quick Search plugin.


[00:28:47] Andrew talks about working on multiple apps and building small web components to share that wraps all the JavaScript, and GitHub has a bunch of them such as <time> element.  Chris talks about Local Time gem from basecamp and Andrew mentions using Design Tokens. 

[00:33:06] Andrew talks about struggling this week with remote JavaScript form stuff because he hasn’t done it in a long time and he’s using some existing code that he doesn’t understand, and Chris shares some advice. 

[00:38:49] Chris brings up Rails 7 hoping it will be released soon, and he mentions the Rails scaffolds are not updates yet for using Hotwire and Andrew wonders if they are waiting for Webpacker 6 and he talks about issues with upgrading Webpacker 5 to 6 is a major version change.

[00:48:25] There’s a bunch of new stuff happening in Ruby and Andrew tells us all the new releases. He also mentions writing about Turbo is a really great thing to do right now because a lot of people are “thirstin’ for some Turbo!” ☺

[00:51:00] Chris talks about Jonathan Reinink, the “Inertia Guy,” and everything he’s doing primarily in the Laravel world and how everything is Rails compatible too. Andrew mentions a podcast he listened to on The Bike Shed with Jonathan talking to Chris Toomey about Inertia, and how it sold Andrew on using the library. 

[00:54:12] We end with Andrew telling us a bit more about the Ruby Radar newsletter which they are trying to make it very “snack-sized.” ☺


Chris Oliver

Andrew Mason




Ruby Radar

Ruby Radar Twitter



Rails Request.JS




Bridgetown Quick Search plugin

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Local Time-GitHub

Universal Tokens for Tailwind-GitHub

Design Tokens

Awesome Design Tokens-GitHub

Webpacker 6 Series Articles-Andrew Mason

The Bike Shed Podcast-Episode 291: All Things Inertia.js with Jonathan Reinink

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