RailsBytes.com, AppLocale and more with Andrea Fomera

June 5, 2020, 1 p.m. (2 years, 5 months ago)

[00:02:25] Chris starts off and gives a s/o to Andrea Fomera for being one of the first GoRails subscribers and the longest subscriber. Then they explain what RailsBytes is and how they got into building it.  

[00:08:37] Chris talks about something they discovered working on this project and Andrea Fomera gives an example about installing things that depend on Webpacker.    

[00:11:45] Andrew mentions if you look at templates that exist today, people are employing different methods for adding a gem to the gem file, so he wants to know if Chris and Andrea Fomera have specific ways or recommended practices to do things.   

[00:17:58] Chris mentions about a Tweet that Marco created a CLI gem for RailsBytes which is really neat. Andrew gives Marco a s/o.  Chris asked them if they know what tool he was using for building the interactive CLI stuff and Andrew tells us.  

[00:21:02] Chris tells us what “Thor” is and we find out that Andrew doesn’t like it. 

[00:24:12] Andrew has a problem with Andrea Fomera’s nesting controller pattern and Andrea Fomera explains it’s just name spacing. Andrew comes up with a funny analogy that cracks Andrea Fomera up! ☺ Jason is proud of Andrew’s analogies! 

[00:25:33] Andrea Fomera and Chris let us know how people can support or promote the product.

[00:26:30] Andrew asks them if they’ve given any thought or concern if a developer comes along and tries to use this RailsBytes and it doesn’t work, that failure will get pushed over to the view component library instead of where it might ought to be. They tell us what they will probably do. 

[00:29:46] Chris talks about how one of the things he likes about installing certain libraries, like Passenger, is that they have an interactive way of setting up that on your server, which is how he hopes to get more people with RailsBytes. 

[00:33:14] Andrea Fomera tells us more about “AppLocale,” how she got started on it, what it does, and why it will change the world.  Andrew tells us to look up “Rails I18n.” (shorthand for internationalization.)

[00:41:46] Jason says he has a lot of StimulusReflex things to talk about with Nate in another episode and Andrew tells Jason that Nate’s opinion of him as a developer has hit some major “Stonks!”  Then, Andrew thanks Jason because now he’s created a massive amount of refactoring work for him. ☺




Jason Charnes

Chris Oliver

Andrew Mason


Andrea Fomera


Andrea Fomera Twitter


“Learn Rails by Building Instagram,” by Andrea Fomera



CLI for RailsBytes by Marco Roth

AppLocale Ruby Test

RailsBytes Debug Params

Rails Internationalization (I18n) API

“Stonks”-definition for Boomers

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