Railsconf 2020 Cancelled, Linters, Layered Caching, & GlobalID

[00:03:41] Andrew talks about his “experiment” which is a remote-like meetup he is putting together.

[00:10:31] There is talk about Standard RB on twitter and Jumpstart Pro being a good place to begin because it’s a template. 

[00:16:30] Chris brings up ERB Lint wondering if it’s been handy for the guys. Andrew mentions an HTML Beautifier that works with ERB that runs on that code which is nice.   

[00:22:49] Andrew’s FAVORITE question is asked about whether it’s a good idea to run a fixed version of a command rather than track to see if it passes or fails and if there is a downside to that. 

[00:29:26] Chris mentions the official github actions set-up for Ruby which is so much faster.  Andrew quotes, “There was a bit of contention in the action community.” 

[00:32:13] Chris talks about Secrets getting tricky on forks and there wasn’t any solution he could see.

[00:34:55] Nate reveals some cool cache stuff he’s been doing on CodeFund so he gives some information on it.

[00:52:54] Chris brings up the Devise Masquerade gem and how nice it is to have.  Which also brings up global.iD and how useful and powerful it is. 

[01:02:48] To end the episode, Andrew has a rather funny story about what happened when he added “dark mode” to the rubymeetup.online site.


Chris Oliver

Andrew Mason

Nate Hopkins


Test double standard

Formats with Prettier and lints ESL standard

Local ephemeral cache

Andrew Mason Twitter

Jumpstart Pro

ERB Lint

GitHub Actions for Ruby

Devise Masquerade



HTML beautifier

Make secrets available of forks

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