Red Pill-Blue Pill and CSS Bundling

Sept. 24, 2021, noon (2 years, 2 months ago)

[00:03:19] Jason tells us about a side project he’s working on which is mostly JavaScript, but he’s also using ImageMagick.

[00:04:46] Andrew gets off topic and asks the guys if they saw the trailer for The Matrix 4 and he reveals a fun fact about the website.  Chris asks the guys if they’ve watched any of the CSS bundling stuff that’s going on and he fills us in on what’s going on.  

[00:11:33] We find out what happened when Jason decides he wants to figure out the config file for esbuild and we learn what DHH’s response was on the PR when Jason opened it the next day.  

[00:17:05] The guys chat about RubyConf and whether or not it will happen in-person. Andrew talks about a meetup he went to recently and he brings up an old Bike Shed episode and he shares a story from it about “The Nodder.” 

[00:21:43] Chris announces he’s doing an online talk for Sardines.rb you can check out.

[00:25:37] Speaking of new Ruby stuff, Chris asks the guys if they’ve tried the new

Debugger and the guys chat more about it.

[00:30:00] Andrew and Chris talk about what bothers them about error messages and Andrew and Chris discuss using Pry.  

[00:35:51] Andrew asks Chris if there’s anything with Stripe invoices that Pay can do. Also, Chris explains one of the big changes he did in v3.  

[00:43:37] Chris tells us he upgraded his very old Stripe code from GoRails to Stripe Checkout which is amazing, and he tells us a cool thing you can do with Stripe


[00:48:39] Andrew lets us know about an app called RDM he uses to automatically resize his whole computer screen.


Jason Charnes

Chris Oliver

Andrew Mason




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The Matrix 4 Trailer

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Sardines.rb with Chris Oliver


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