Refactoring view components, notifications, and how you translate your JavaScript

[00:03:37] The guys catch up on what’s been going on in their lives.   

[00:10:58] Jason tells us he’s been refactoring and cranking out view components. Chris talks about the transition that he went from building the notifications things and refactoring it.  

[00:14:04] Chris asks the guys if they’ve done any other stimulus reflex features that they’re going to try and build or if they’re mostly focused on the site preview thing. Jason’s main focus is the editor. Chris tell us what he does for notifications. He mentions Basecamp has a “Name of Person” gem they published. 

[00:18:04] Chris talks about translations and internationalization and how you translate your JavaScript. Jason tells us what he does and something not being as performant which is a concern he has. 

[00:23:04] Jason and Chris discuss LiveView in Phoenix what it does.

[00:30:26] Since Andrew is the primary architect for a new podcast platform that is starting up, Andrew and Chris discuss domain switching, which he has a few questions about. 

[00:36:25] Andrew asks Chris’s opinion about the architectures of making podcasts.  Should a user have a personal account or not? Chris talks about an invisible account. 

[00:41:51] Andrew wants to know how Chris suggests people upgrade when things come out in Jumpstart?

[00:47:12] Chris talks about a cool thing he did when he wrote the notifications in the gem. 

[00:52:58] Andrew wants to know when the notification stuff is coming out and Chris lets us know all the details. Jason mentions a sales job opening at Podia if anyone is interested. (link below).



Jason Charnes

Chris Oliver

Andrew Mason


Podia Job Opening


Phoenix LiveView

Basecamp Name of Person-GitHub

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