Right-ward assignments in Ruby 3? View Components for Primer, and Andrew dabbles with RubyMine

[00:07:05] Jason tells us all the cool features Laravel 8 is going to have.

[00:14:08] We hear of glimpse of what the new version of Spark will have which sounds pretty cool. 

[00:17:33] Paddle is talked about and what is does and more people seem to be using it nowadays.  

[00:19:22] Chris mentions to Jason if he saw that Ruby has an experimental support for Rightward assignments and he explains what it does. Andrew says there’s some computer science mathematical thing that addresses this (link in show notes).    

[00:25:14] Andrew tells us that GitHub is taking their primer design system and they are reimplementing their react library with View Component. 

[00:29:04] Andrew has been reading React Component libraries for a while now and there is a feature in React where you can create “responsive props” and he explains this. 

[00:33:28] Andrew’s been using RubyMine at work and after watching a few RailsConf talks and several tutorials it has been a major help to him, and he now has a RubyMine keyboard shortcuts pamphlet which is super helpful.

[00:41:14] Chris mentions having a nice debugger that shows you all the variables, their values, and what types they are can be really eye opening. 

[00:43:18] Chris lets us know why he loves Ruby so much, Jason tells us why he likes using Prettier, and Andrew brings up TypeScript and makes a point to say, “It’s winning!” ☺


Jason Charnes

Andrew Mason

Chris Oliver




Laravel Jetstream-GitHub

Remote Ruby Podcast with Jonathan Reinink, Creator of Inertia.js

“Ruby adds experimental support for Rightward assignments,” by Vamsi Pavan Mahesh


Operator associativity

ViewComponents for the Primer Design System



Prettier Ruby Plugin

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