Ruby 3 adds Ractor, Hook Relay, ZSH and more

Sept. 11, 2020, noon (2 years, 2 months ago)

[00:08:26] Chris has been jumping into the Ruby stuff and mentions there was a Ractor announcement and it was accepted, which will be in the next Ruby.  Chris asks Andrew if he’s written much multithreaded code before and Chris talks about his experience with it and talks about Ractor. 

[00:17:47] Chris and Andrew discuss things they learned and didn’t learn in college classes.  

[00:21:23] Andrew talks about wanting to use the Anyway Config from Palkan which he thinks will solve a lot of his issues. 

[00:28:08] Andrew tweeted that he had to declare GitHub notification bankruptcy having over 2000 notifications! ☺   

[00:31:31] Does starring a repo get any notifications? The guys talk about all their stars and when you have that many, you’re not going to go back and reference them. Andrew shares his dream for all the stars he has!  

[00:39:43] Chris tells us about some apps he built a long time ago, one was called OAuthable.  He also mentions using Foundation, which was the big alternative to Bootstrap.  

[00:43:52] Andrew tells us about a new project the folks at Honeybadger cooked up called Hook Relay, and he volunteered to be one of the alpha testers, and it’s really cool! Also, Chris talks about using Rails Kits for Hook Relay. 

[00:46:35] Chris and Andrew chat about how we can bring more beginner people into Rails. There is a discussion on the Rail Hosting Survey results that came out and how there’s not enough help or mentorship to get new people on.

[00:52:42] Andrew mentions Zsh and Oh My Zsh and how it gives you cool themes. Chris hasn’t taken full advantage of it yet other than forked a theme and made his own.  

[00:56:35] Andrew mentions their next episode they may do a beginner show to talk more about beginner stuff since that was the most requested thing. 


Chris Oliver

Andrew Mason





Bug issues Ractor 


Hook Relay

Rails Kits

Anyway Config-GitHub

Oh My Zsh

Foundation for Rails-GitHub

Ruby on Rails Community Survey Results 2020

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