Ruby 3.2, Conventional Commits, and release-please

[00:03:05] Chris tells us more about the bug he was trying to fix, working on Stripe tax support, Stripe payment element and addresses, and he fills us in on a JavaScript tool that Shopify for formatting addresses in different countries that makes Andrew sweat.

[00:07:28] As a follow up from last week’s episode, Andrew defines “Posterized.”

[00:08:06] The guys chat about WebAssembly stuff.

[00:11:49] Andrew talks about playing around with mruby, and Chris tells us about what he did with a Raspberry Pi.

[00:16:07] Jason tells us he’s been reading the mruby docs and about how you take embedded Ruby and run it.

[00:17:34] A previous episode is brought up with guest Terence Lee, where they talked quite a bit about mruby. 

[00:18:19] Chris brings up Ruby 3.2.0, some of the changes that are happening with it, especially rewriting it in Rust. Also, Ruby will be 30 years old next year!


[00:26:04] Andrew tells us about a conversation he had with Drew Bragg recently because he offered to help him with automatic releases on his Ruby Gem, and he explains Release Please.

[00:31:12] What does Andrew think about getting PR’s on an open source project?


[00:33:51] Andrew fills us in on how he used Semantic Commit and Conventional Commit messages everywhere, and a setting they changed in Ruby gems.


Jason Charnes

Chris Oliver

Andrew Mason




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