Ruby & Rails Tips with Sebastien Auriault

[00:02:03]  The guys catch up and talk about some really good shows they are watching and a great book that’s worth a read. 

[00:05:21] Sebastien tells us about himself and how he got into doing the Ruby on Rails tips on Twitter.

[00:07:30] Find out where Sebastien started in his journey. 

[00:11:42] Since Sebastien didn’t have Rails experience, he tells us what he put on his resume and ideas of what should be put on a resume.

[00:14:42] Should you be working on side projects as a developer? 

[00:15:42] Sebastien tells us why he found a mentor more helpful than a tutor. 

[00:17:12] We learn how to find the companies that you should apply for jobs, and Sebastien tells us how many job applications he submitted.

[00:20:07] We learn how many places Sebastien heard back from out of all the resumes he sent, Jason talks about not getting discouraged in this process, and find out how Sebastien’s experience was.

[00:23:01] We hear about Sebastien’s first job and how long he was there. 


[00:25:30] Find out some ways Sebastien’s second job set him up to succeed and give him the great junior experience. 

[00:28:51] What was Sebastien’s path to Podia?

[00:31:56] Andrew asks if Sebastien if he would suggest someone pursue a bootcamp right now if they want to be a developer like him.

[00:34:19] If you want to get the most out of a bootcamp Sebastien explains.

[00:37:46] Find out about Sebastien’s side project he’s working on called, RubyCompanion, which is for Ruby and Rails developers.

[00:41:04] One last thing Sebastien talks about is the importance of networking, and some advice on who should go to a bootcamp.

[00:52:00] Where can you find Sebastien online?


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