Self-care as a developer, Ruby 3.0, Sorbet, and more

[00:01:38] Andrew tells us about his weekend having to truncate 250 million rows and how he had to take care of a few issues.  Jason talks about what he’s been using to search. 

[00:05:14] Jason talks about using a Laravel package called Scout. 

[00:06:50] Andrew tells us about having wrist problems and is trying to come up with solutions to help his situation. He asks Jason if he has any suggestions. They both chat about what they do for self-care and how they could manage stress better. 

[00:18:50] Since Andrew has been eating so terribly, he decided to get Blue Apron, the meal delivery service, and he loves it!  It has transformed his diet. ☺ Jason talks about his difficult relationship with food. 

[00:28:36] Andrew talks about all these contraptions in the kitchen that he didn’t know how to use except as a weapon. One thing in particular is the garlic press. 

[00:30:25] Andrew and Jason discuss why they love Honeybadger.

[00:32:38] Andrew asks Jason if he’s tried Ruby 3.0.0 and he tells Jason why he should try it.

[00:36:20] Andrew announces he got a commit to Ruby and it was a great day! Jason talks about RBS being cool. Andrew mentions not liking Sorbet and why. 

[00:40:06] We learn in order to use RBS, the easiest tool to use is a gem called Steep, gradual typing for Ruby. Andrew explains what it does. Jason talks about using Solargraph in VS code.

[00:43:15] Andrew tells us he started working on creating a course or a writeup, something he can get paid for, that tells you on to use VS code with Ruby. He thinks he has figured it all out after all these years and he wants to share his wealth of information. 

[00:45:20] Jason asks Andrew for his thoughts on TypeScript and why he likes it.


Jason Charnes

Andrew Mason




Ruby RBS-GitHub



Laravel Scout-GitHub

Ruby 3.0.0



Blue Apron

Garlic  Press

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