Skypack and Snowpack with Fred Schott

[00:01:45] Fred gives us a brief introduction of what he’s working on these days.

[00:03:50] Fred did a conference talk about the Third Age of JavaScript and he tells us what it is.

[00:07:07] Andrew asks Fred to explain what ESM is and modules.


[00:10:53] We learn about using Skypack when Andrew brings up about not having to run NPM install on your local machine. 

[00:14:30] Chris wonders if there is a use for Babel still in the ESM world or not.

[00:16:37] We find out more about Snowpack. 

[00:21:13] Andrew gives an example how he used Snowpack. 

[00:23:00] Andrew asks Fred to talk about any issues that he’s seen as people try to transition away from Webpack to Snowpack. 

[00:30:21] Fred fills us in about his team at Snowpack and Skypack. Andrew asks him what the differences are in a package that you would require from a script versus an ESM available package.

[00:34:00] Andrew wonders if Fred can tell him what the exports field in a package JSON is because he has no idea what it is.

[00:38:16] Fred tells us what we get with the service side rendering stuff they’ve been working on. 

[00:42:03] Andrew asks Fred if he thinks the web is every going to adopt a universal bundler now that ESM is fully specked out, or are we always going to be in the situation where if you need it you’re going to have to find it somewhere.

[00:47:27] We learn one last important thing from Andrew and Fred about using Babel and bundling with Snowpack, and where you can follow Fred online. 



Jason Charnes

Chris Oliver

Andrew Mason


Fred Schott




Fred Schott Twitter

Fred Schott Website

Snowpack Twitter

Skypack Twitter

The Third Age of JavaScript by Shawn@SWYX 



CascadiaJS 2020-Snowpack, Webpack and the Third Age of JavaScript with Fred Schott

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