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Welcome to Remote Ruby and thanks for joining us!  Today the guys cover bet, basketball, and Adidas! And if we haven’t lost you yet, we have a “Three-peat” guest joining us, and that is Steve Polito, who’s a Developer at thoughtbot. We’ll be talking with Steve about careers around programming, the importance of practicing Code Review, and great emojis to use for a good PR Review.  We also find out from Steve how the non-technical/technical interview was like, how Rails helped him get better at architecture, he shares some recommendations on ways you can get a job if you have no prior experience, and how his Twitter presence has helped him.  Go ahead and download this episode now to find out more!

[00:01:45] We hear Steve’s background and how he got to where he is today.

[00:08:05] Steve tells us how the process was going from IMPACT to thoughtbot, he explains the things he liked about the interview process at thoughtbot and doing Code Review after the interview.

[00:13:43] Jason and Andrew talk about how praise is important when leaving feedback on PRs.

[00:15:42] Steve brings up a good point Andrew made abut PR Review misses in the guide and he shares advice what he does.

[00:16:26] Andrew explains how some emojis mean different things to different people and to keep that in mind when using them, and the guys shares which ones they use for a good PR Review.

[00:20:01] Steve tells us what the non-technical/technical interview was like.

[00:23:00] Andrew asks Steve if by the nature of way Rails works, if that helped him get better at architecture versus some of the other things out there. 

[00:26:41] The topic of hiring is brought up, searching a candidate, and things you can do to bolster your resume when you have no experience, and Steve shares some recommendations that may help if you have no prior experience.

[00:29:53] Jason brings up Steve wanting to learn to build an authentication generator from scratch and he explains what he did.


[00:33:40] Andrew announces to please make your users confirm their email address if they input it on your sign-up form.

[00:34:31] We find out how Steve’s Twitter presence helped him since Andrew says he’s one of the best out there, and if he’s naturally open to feedback. 


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