The brand new v2

Sept. 9, 2022, noon (2 months, 3 weeks ago)

[00:02:23] The guys discuss DHH and the release candidate of Turbo v7.2.0.

[00:07:13] Andrew asks if we can do Postgres in the browser now, why do we need to build these complex forms and tables? Jason and Chris explain it to him.

[00:12:51] The guys chat about customized license plates, car tags, and Jason owing Andrew $163. 

[00:15:37] The discussion turns to Hatchbox, Chris updated the DNS to point to the new version, Jason tells us about using it with Job Boardly, and they talk about using clusters. 

[00:19:21] Jason brings up something he did when he started a cluster and asks Chris if he did it right. 

[00:22:39] We find out Jason switched to a Digital Ocean Managed Database and what happened.

[00:25:06] You can set up a Postgres server in Hatchbox and it will provision it for you. Jason wonders when you choose background job, does it provision Redis for you?

[00:31:07] We hear about Jason setting up a space for ActiveStorage.

[00:36:32] Chris goes back to talking about Hatchbox and switching to Caddy. 


[00:40:30] Jason tells us he started using the Hatchbox API to add custom domains and Chris talks about other things he’s done with Hatchbox and things he would like to do.

[00:43:45] We hear a lesson Jason learned regarding ActiveStorage using Vips for image processing and an error he encountered. He tells us about an article he read to get the error to go away he had to do that for Heroku as well, and Chris shares his thoughts.


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