The Early Days of Rails, Long-term Maintenance, and Oh My Zsh with Robby Russell

Jan. 1, 2021, 2 p.m. (2 years, 11 months ago)

[00:01:44] Robby tells us who is he and some of things he’s involved with.

[00:02:42] Robby tells us about Z shells being the default on macOS and if more people are using it.


[00:04:04] Since Robby’s been in the Rails Community for a long time, he tells us how things have changed and how he got into Ruby on Rails and Z shell.


[00:16:34] Robby tells us about doing something in Postgres, but curious about using DRb (distributed object system for Ruby,) and a story about a past FOSSCON he went to in Portland.

[00:20:59] Jason is curious to know since Robby owns an agency, if the work he takes on is primarily Ruby on Rails work. He mentions not being a maker, but a mender.

[00:28:35] Chris is curious to know from Robby if a new developer comes into a team, how can you address comprehending or understanding things and make it maintainable for the longer term.


[00:34:00] Chris talks about maintaining stuff, learning code, and the reality of working as a developer. 

[00:38:10] Chris brings up the Execute Program by Gary Bernhardt and Robby talks about one of things he values so much is how simple Ruby is to read.


[00:41:30] Andrew feels like he’s under-utilizing Oh My Zsh, so he asks Robby to talk about some cool things that he’s seen people do with it and some common misunderstandings that he thinks people have about the project. He mentions some great plug-ins called git-extras, autojump, and z.

[00:49:09] Robby tells us his favorite plug-in, dotenv, and a new theme he’s working on.

[00:50:02] Find out where you can search for Robby on the internet.


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Robby Russell


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Planet Argon

Oh My Zsh

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Oh My Zsh Twitter

Maintainable- A Podcast from Planet Argon


git-extras plugin

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dotenv plugin

Execute Program


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