Twitter Q&A and Railsconf Advice For First Timers

[00:01:22] Andrew tells us about a blog post he put out about his Twitter profile image and some stuff he did with his GitHub actions repo.

[00:05:29] The Tweet sharing begins. Tweet #1 topic is someone who’s learning Rails, has no idea how to read the documentation or where to go, and getting lost easily. 

[00:13:55] Tweet #2 topic is about Matestack, and Jason brings up a previous episode they did where they talked about it with Jonas Jabari.

[00:14:47] Tweet #3 topic is about what first timers at RailsConf should know or do by the time this episode airs.  

[00:19:02] Andrew tells us about people giving massages in the exhibition hall and he’s going to be devasted if they don’t do them this year. ☺

[00:19:36] The guys share some conference advice for first timers going to RailsConf, such as meeting new friends, taking notes, and talking to people who are speakers. 

[00:24:54] Andrew brings up how to choose between talks and workshops, and Jason encourages everyone to go to the podcast panel recording since they will all be there.

[00:26:44] Jason brings back the meeting people topic and mentions some dinner ideas, and Chris mentions meeting people at the evening events they have.

[00:28:31] Go to Mike Perham’s website where he has all the events listed going on during the week.


[00:29:48] Andrew talks about seeing your Ruby Heroes at RailsConf and not to be intimidated.

[00:35:34] Tweet #4 is “Bet!”


Jason Charnes

Chris Oliver

Andrew Mason




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Remote Ruby Podcast-Episode 103: Reimagined Rails views using Matestack with Jonas Jabari

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