ViewComponent, Alpine.js, and embedding videos in ActionText

April 10, 2020, noon (4 years, 3 months ago)

[00:04:43] Jason talks about “filtering” and how it relates to model scopes. 

[00:08:30] Speaking of fun side projects, Andrew asks the guys if they heard that Twilio and DEV are doing a Hackathon? There are lots of prizes and they are pretty good, but you need to do something to participate so find out here ☺ 

[00:12:46] Andrew brings up how View Component from GitHub went through changing their Gem name and doing upgrades and how they have collection support now. Also, Andrew got Storybook running with the latest changes. Jason is curious how Andrew got Storybook wired up with it. 

[00:18:29] Andrew gives a great description of what Storybook is in case you don’t know.   

[00:22:57] Andrew brings up something nice that got added to View Component which is integrating the View Component Previews into Rails Conductor.  

[00:25:18] Dave Paola is mentioned by Andrew, who has met him through Twitter and Chris has chatted with him over email, and he is working on a bootstrap component library implemented in Vue Component. 

[00:26:48] The guys all have a discussion on bootstrapping, things that work and don’t work. Also, “themes” are touched on with JavaScript. 

[00:31:58] Chris mentions Caleb Porzio, who created Alpine JS, he will be doing a series of videos, on Laracasts, about creating Alpine JS from scratch, which is pretty sweet.

[00:35:39] Andrew mentions some really good Tailwind UI extensions for VS Code that have IntelliSense which is amazing! 

[00:38:15] Jason’s been working on some Action Text stuff. Find out what he’s been up to. Chris also has some things to add as well about Action Text.  He goes into two methods for rendering with videos on YouTube. 

[00:49:34] Jason talks about feeling stuck sometimes and having to rewrite problems that have been solved for many years like putting a table in an editor. Chris has some ideas for him. 

[00:57:05] Jason has a question about Active Storage and Chris answers this. 

[1:01:12] Andrew mentions the date for Rails Talks coming out in May to replace the conference that was cancelled. There is a lot to do to prepare for this since it is an online version this year. Andrew also talks about the Ruby Meetup and how he’s still working on it. Stay tuned!




Chris Oliver

Andrew Mason

Jason Charnes



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