WNB.rb with Emily Giurleo & Jemma Issroff

[00:01:32] Emily and Jemma tell us their background stories of how they found their way into Ruby. 

[00:03:26] Andrew asks Emily and Jemma if they ever wrote in BlueJ and he explains what it is.

[00:04:19] We learn more about WNB.rb, how big the group is, and all the events they do.  Also, Jemma tells us about Emily’s talk she gave at RubyConf 2020 that’s worth checking out called, “The Bug that Forced Me to Understand Memory Compaction.” 

[00:11:29] As leaders of WNB.rb, Jason asks Emily and Jemma what their favorite experiences are that they’ve had so far.

[00:13:42] Find out some ways that people who don’t identify with women or non-binary can help with WNB.rb or even just help the community as a whole.

[00:16:46] Andrew and Jason talk about what they’ve done or trying to do to help increase diversity in the Ruby community. 

[00:21:04] Jason brings up how Jemma’s been all over the place with blog posts, tweets, and having a recurring spot in Ruby Weekly, and he wonders how she got into all this stuff recently. 

[00:23:21] Andrew announces if anyone in the community has any tip of the week or  articles to share, you can send the content to him and he will put in his Ruby Radar Newsletter. Also, if you want to join WNB.rb, Emily and Jemma tell us where to go.

[00:24:39] Find out where you can follow Jemma and Emily online.


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Jemma Issroff




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The Bug that Forced Me to Understand Memory Compaction-Emily Giurleo (YouTube)


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