You Gotta Risk It For The Brisket

Sept. 23, 2022, noon (2 months ago)

[00:00:15] What is this cursed idea thing Andrew did with Storybook?

[00:05:31] Andrew mentioned using MDX format and he tells us what it is, Chris brings up the PHP days and components, and Andrew talks about architecture. 

[00:10:51] Being a visual person, Andrew explains another thing he really likes about Storybook.

[00:17:29] Jason talks about finding his Zen using Tailwind in a project.  

[00:20:25] Chis wonders if Jason runs into issues with having to undo some of the stuff, and Jason explains how he’s been using more CSS and a problem he ran into.  

[00:24:02] CSS Variables are discussed and why they’re awesome, and Andrew tells us about the fallback for CSS Variables.  

[00:24:37] There’s a discussion about using JIT and PurgeCSS, an amazing tool. 

[00:27:41] Chris tells us about using a template from Bootstrap for the Rails Hackathon homepage.

[00:30:17] The guys discuss using React Components, Bootstrap, and using Tailwind over Bootstrap. 


[00:33:57] Jason talks about Inertia, which is a library for Laravel and Rails. 

[00:34:37] Find out what Jason is doing with View Components and Job Boardly, that he hopes will get Andrew’s acceptance.

[00:36:29] Andrew explains why he’s obsessed with component architecture, and Chris tells us about his first real serious project he did with the Python recreation of the apt package manager. 

[00:38:55] Chris announces Tender Love (a.k.a. Aaron Patterson) mentioned he’s going to cut a new release of Rails, and he talks about Rails Hackathon coming up.


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