Yuh-Jit - Optimizing JIT compiler built inside CRuby

[00:04:42] We find out if the guys done any stuff with Rails 7 yet and Chris tells us what’s been going on with it. 

[00:09:44] Chris asks the guys if they are using an encryption library, and Jason talks about using Lockbox and Symmetric Encryption. 

[00:14:08] Chris tells us more about progressive encryption in Rails 7. 

[00:15:11] The guys chat about Ruby 3.1 and the new project from Shopify getting merged into Ruby called YJIT, which is an open source JIT compiler for CRuby.

[00:18:43] The conversation turns to TenderJIT and Jason brings up a Tweet from tenderlove about it. There is a livestream Aaron Patterson did with hexdevs that he did about it this stuff.

[00:22:23] Jason talks about using a tenderlove gem called “dnssd.” 

[00:26:40] Andrew tells us about an app called Rubyist 1.0, where you can write your own Scripts, system commands, and write your own widgets and stuff with Ruby to automatically trigger lights. 

[00:31:18] Andrew announces they are giving out free RubyConf tickets on Ruby Radar. 

[00:34:54] Chris shares some nostalgia when he was in high school learning to code and how the calculator keyboard was the worst. 

[00:37:08] The guys chat about DragonRuby, Amir Rajan who works on DragonRuby, and Matthew McKinney who made a Tetris game with DragonRuby.


Jason Charnes

Chris Oliver

Andrew Mason




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YJIT- Building a new JIT Compiler inside CRuby with Maxime Chevalier-Boisvert (YouTube)

hexdevs-TenderJIT: A JIT compiler for Ruby with Aaron Patterson (tenderlove)


dnssd gem-GitHub

Rubyist 1.0 App

Amir Rajan Twitter (DragonRuby)

Matthew McKinney Twitter (DragonRuby)

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