EP16 – WordPress Web Trends for 2013 – WPwatercooler – January 7 2013

Jan. 7, 2013, 6:18 p.m. (10 years, 8 months ago)
“WordPress Web Trends for 2013” we are joined with Suzette Franck, Elizabeth Shilling, Sé Reed, Steve Zehngut, Jon Brown, Dave Jesch, Chris Lema and out host Jason Tucker. Recording starts at 11:00am PST on Mondays.
Might be a little difficult to talk about…

Alex has nice hair. Pasadena WordPress Meetup 1/29th.

Talking about the latest and greatest in WordPress.

Jason brings up the revamp of working with Post Format UI.

Post formats is a way to add image, video,etc to posts.

Alex asks how many really use post formats with projects working on.

Steve discusses what it currently offers.

Jason mentions that your looking to do custom post type with post formats mix together.

Steve agrees he that he would want that.

Sé realizes that you can't do that, expand post formats.

Sé asks, “Why not make your own custom post type?”

Steve explains how they work differently; post format is basically a display mechanism. It's a different way to templating. You could use custom post types for the way he's using them, but then you get extra tabs.

Se asks if you can do custom post types and custom formats for the custom post types?

You can do them now, Steve informs; can't expand post formats. Post formats and post custom types are two different things. Chris would give a great explanation if he were here.
Sé brings up Chris' blog post that sparked a conversation about WordPress as a web application platform.

Jason mentions how WordPress is being used more and more for an application environment.

Sé mentions how it's funny they say you shouldn't be doing something that you are already doing. Mentioned how Matt Mullenweg wants WordPress it move toward an application environment and app themes.
Steve brings it back to post formats. He compares it to Tumblr and based around content; what they are for. They are meant to change the display of the post within your theme. Post format can be applied to custom post types; like a custom post type event and a post format around that event would be image.

Alex adds that Tumblr eclipsed blog as a search term.

Sé suggests that maybe everyone figured out what blog already meant and are trying to figure out what Tumblr is.

Steve mentions that Tumblr is a competitor of WordPress.

Sé mentions how limited Tumblr is.

Steve agrees that it was a bold statement. WordPress is a platform and Tumblr is not.

Jason adds that you can't open an ecommerce solution on Tumblr.

Sé mentions how all you can do is blog on Tumblr. It makes sense to say that Tumblr shouldn't become a solution environment, whereas WordPress has been so much more than just even a content management


Steve mentions that Tumblr is a more of a competitor for WordPress.com. Tumblr a better comparison to Tumblr is an Instagram.

Wes asks about making any money setting up Tumblr.

Sé mentions maybe for training.

Steve mentions how he uses it for his clients and how it may meet their needs; basically ease of use.

Jason suggests the possibility of making something in WordPress with Tumblr capabilites for clients and if that what Steve does?

Steve shares his solution.

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