EP42 – What makes a good shared web host? – July 8 2013

July 8, 2013, 4:30 p.m. (9 years, 4 months ago)
So what makes a good shared web host? Is it the support? Security? Caching? Clustering? Long execution times? On this episode we will uncover what our developer panelists look for in a shared host all without a trek to asking Deep Thought so don't panic, don't forget your towel and join us for this interesting topic.
What is it and why do you want to start with it?

* A shared webhost is where more than one website is stored on the same “webserver” owned by the webhost. The more sites hosted on a server the more resources are being used to do this.
* It’s inexpensive
* Most provide good basic support
* Ability to ask to move servers if your site is having issues and they usually will do it

About Support from the Hosting company
Especially software support… where do we stop saying we’ll support and help? Installation? Plug-in set ups? The support departments aren’t filled with developers. Remember that. Once you get into code, a line has been crossed. Hosting companies are not there to look at your code.
About DreamHost
They have unlimited (within reason) domains and users. Set them up however you want. You can map them to the users however you want. They offer SSH and you can do what you want with SSH. They will often go above and beyond with helping you, however don’t expect it. They have a user friendly control panel (although Lucy disagrees with this)
About MediaTemple
They have a custom control panel. They allow up to 100 domains. They allow SSH and SFTP on shared hosting sites.
About Go Daddy
What’s the problem with GoDaddy?
Our panelists say that it’s slow and you can’t use sftp so you don’t have the ability to change things on the server (actually it looks like you can now). Good until you need to make changes. You don’t connect to the same server your files are hosted on.
insecure – gets hacked a lot? Lucy thinks so.
You can call them and get a person but when they mention WP, they are less than helpful. The default problem is “It’s a wordpress problem” and they aren’t interested in digging deeper to see if it’s their problem or a wordpress problem.
One Click WP install takes a very long time.
Databases installations take a few hours
Shared Webhosts the panel recommends
Se – HostGator
Jason – DreamHost
Lucy – SiteGround
Steve – Servint for VPS not shared hosting
Mentions on this episode

* DreamHost
* Media Temple
* GoDaddy
* HostGator
* BlueHost
* SiteGround

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