EP484 – Whose WordPress is it anyway?

June 16, 2024, 4:49 a.m. (4 weeks, 1 day ago)

On this episode, Jason Tucker and Sé Reed discuss the concept of who “owns” the WordPress open-source project and the broader question of who controls WordPress, highlighting the tension between the open-source community’s ideals and the reality of centralized control. The episode concludes with a call for transparency and accountability in the WordPress community, particularly within project leadership.


00:00 Introduction and Episode Overview
00:11 Hosts Introduction
01:00 Challenges with the Astra Theme
03:00 Astra Theme Customization Issues
06:43 The 80/20 Rule in WordPress
08:00 Who Controls WordPress?
10:21 Entities Influencing WordPress
12:10 Matt Mullenweg’s Role and Influence
15:14 The Bay Bridge Lights Kerfuffle
17:00 Automatic’s Marketing Strategies
19:30 Conflicts Within WordPress Marketing
22:28 Sponsored Contributors and Their Roles
26:29 Transparency and Accountability in WordPress
30:48 The Impact of Centralized Control
33:20 Matt Mullenweg’s Authority
37:09 The Future of WordPress Governance
41:00 The Role of the WordPress Community
44:00 Ethical Concerns and Accountability
48:02 Sé Reed’s Code of Conduct Report
53:18 The Importance of Community Involvement
57:00 Conclusion and Call to Action

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