EP7 – “WordPress Community Summit” – WPwatercooler – November 5 2012

Nov. 5, 2012, 6:01 p.m. (10 years ago)
WordPress Community Summit is the topic for todays 30 minute roundtable at the WPwatercooler. We're joined with Steve Zehngut, Oscar Gonzalez, Dave Jesch, Jon Brown, Chris Lema, Dre Armeda, Sé Reed, Ben Metcalfe, Brandon Dove and Jason Tucker.
Se Reed mentions that WordPress Community Summit is the Bohemian Grove of WordPress.
Se very excited about WordPress Community Summit.
Ben Metcalfe jokingly discusses about WordPress going to ‘rails' …Dre Armeda adds ‘merging with Joomla'.
Dre opens up about WordPress Community Summit in Georgia at the chapel Miley Cyrus built for her film.
Dre describes the scene at WordPress Community Summit.  Open sessions, round table sessions…topic at each table than strong points, bad issues that there having, how to make it better, creating actionable items
Chris Lema asks about where the attendees are coming from Core are they well known.
Brandon Dove got a lot of info for running WordCamps, meeting up with other WC organizers.
Dre mentions ‘The Foundation and Transparency Around It'.

Chris asks more about Foundations.
Dre goes more into ‘The Foundation and Transparency Around It' .
Jon Brown asks what were the key points that came about WC topic?
Brandon shares what is happening with the Foundation and the money being brought in.
Se asks if there were any answers as to where the money is going.
Brandon discusses current use video at WCs.
Discussion breaks out about video and timeliness of seeing them uploaded on WordPress.tv
Dre mentions Summit topics that were covered during the event; such as, Who’s Really Running the Foundation?
Se asks for answers.
Dre continues with the answers and what will be happen moving forward to working out solutions.
Brandon mentions that there's a big opening up at WordPress; WordCamp sites will be more versatile.
Dre brings up manage WordPress hosting.
Ben discusses what the WordPress hosts went over security issues, sharing information, performance issues
Mentioned sharing information about plugins security with hosting companies and the repository.
Jason Tucker asks about how that might go forward.
Ben mentions that there is already a group that discusses security and what actions that will happen going forward to deal with plugin issues and taking it to the next level.
Jason wonders if the plugin developer will be contacted.
Ben mentions that ‘Matt' suggest that the hosts should review the plugins.
Chris asks how developers are going to be approached about poor performing plugins.
Ben provides a thorough response to how developers will be brought in to the discussion when his/her plugin has performance issues.
Dre gives Jane Well props for putting together the Summit.
Dre mentions importance of WordPress handbook  http://make.wordpress.org/core/handbook/
Describes it as a huge win.
Brandon mentions what is going to happen noncore code contributions and recognition that will start to occur.
Se mentions that people will be listening to the developers on the frontline.
Chris asks “What was the most surprising thing to you?”
Dre mentions “Safe zone let’s talk openly” tone was set and people were focused.

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