Django REST Framework

Django REST Framework

Django REST Framework is a powerful package for building REST API's with the Django Web Framework and Python. Django REST Framework comes with a browsable API out of the box, a feature that improves the developer experience dramatically. If you have developed applications with Django before, you will feel right at home as Django REST Framework is model after Django. You can query your database with Django's ORM and that you have come accustomed to, and with ease serialize that data as JSON.

What is the difference between Django and Django REST Framework?

Django Rest Framework is a package built for Django that makes it easy to create a RESTful API for Django. That API can be consumed by a front-end application (most commonly built in JavaScript), or mobile application for Android or iOS. With Django alone you can only build monolithic web apps using Django's template system and the backend feature provided by Django out of the box. A regular Django web app will lack the reactivity made possible through JavaScript and will require page loads upon navigation.

What is Django REST Framework used for?

Django Rest Framework is used by developers to create RESTful API's for Django applications. Django REST Framework makes it easy to create API Enpoints, Serialize data into JSON and perform GET, POST, PUT, PATCH and DELETE requests (https requests).