Python is object-oriented, high-level, general-purpose programming language. The project was first started and released in 1991 by Guido van Rossum with a design philosophy that emphasizes code readability. Today Python has evolved into a first-class programming language used for modern web and mobile development. Python also has a strong presence in the scientific community where it is used for data science and machine learning related tasks.

What is Python used for?

The Python programming language is used for developing both desktop and web applications. The programming language is known for its ease of use and rapid development. The Python eco system is filled with knowledge and written packages for handling numerical and complex scientific data. All which makes Python extremely popular not only for build web-based applications but in data science and machine learning.

Is Python free to use?

Python is developed and realsed under the Python Software Foundation License which is an OSI-approved license. That means that Python is freely distributed and can be used for non-profit and commercial projects alike.

Is it easy to learn Python?

Python code is easy to both read and write, the language make use of indentation and white-space to separate code. On top of that, Python is object oriented all off which adds up to the notion that Python is an easy language to pickup and learn.

Why is Python so popular?

One of the many selling points of Python is its easy of use, while at the same time keeping developers highly productive. The simple programming syntax and code readability makes developers happy, and thus more tooling is built around the project and the ecosystem as a whole grows. All of which makes Python highly discoverable and approachable.

What companies use Python?

  • Instagram. - The company uses Python 3 and Django to power the backend of its mobile and web application.
  • Spotify. - Roughly 80% of Spotify's code-base and projects uses Python.
  • Amazon. - Amazon uses Python for their recommendation components.
  • SurveyMonkey. - The company started with a .NET along with C# base, and move parts of its applications to Python to increase productivity among developers.
  • Facebook. - The company mainly uses PHP or PHP-derivitives to run their applications. While Python is used for their Image processing needs.
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