GitHub Codespaces & Docker with Benjamin Wood

[00:01:52] Ben introduces himself and tells us about a configuration he did with Docker. 

[00:09:24] Find out what GitHub Codespaces is all about. 

[00:18:20] Ben explains the demo he did on how to create a new repository. 

[00:22:56] Andrew tells Ben he feels like he might know how to set up a home network somehow, and what does Ben have to say about this?

[00:26:01] Ben asks the guys if they’re using VSCode.

[00:28:06] We learn how Ben and Andrew feel about the state of VSCode Ruby Extension.

[00:31:03] Andrew talks about the RubyMine debug functionality and working with the new debug gem.

[00:34:27] Ben wonders if Chris has tried the Vim extension in VSCode, Ben tells us about something that was added, and Andrew tells us he just started doing an online course learning Vim and VSCode.

[00:39:08] Andrew asks Ben if there are any big cons with this remote kind of development environment that he’s got running, and a conversation about VSCode app on the iPad.


[00:42:09] Find out where you can follow Ben and his adventures online.


Jason Charnes

Chris Oliver

Andrew Mason


Benjamin Wood




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