Cron Jobs

Cron Jobs

A cron job is a Linux command used for scheduling tasks to be executed in the future. The command is useful for server administrators and server-based application and is most commonly used to complete periodical task on set time schedule.

What can I do with cron jobs?

  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Import and export data
  • Schedule cleaning of files to conserve disk space
  • Schedule scripts

Why are they called cron jobs?

The name originates from the Greek word χρόνος (chronos), which means time.

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  • Freddie

    Enable & Write Cron Jobs for Strapi

    A cron job is a useful utility that can be found in any unix-like operating system. It can be used to schedule time-based commands without human intervention. With Strapi, we can use cron jobs to import data or run application tasks automatically. To write cron jobs in Strapi is super

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