Learning in Public | Alpine & Inertia

July 30, 2021, noon (2 years, 11 months ago)

[00:00:42] Andrew gives us an update if he finished his JavaScript framework he was working on, and he tells us why he chooses to use Alpine over Stimulus. 


[00:03:45] Find out about a method that Bridgetown has called jsonify and what it does. 

[00:04:55] Jason tells us since he’s been low key back in action this week and he’s been trying out Inertia.js. The creator of Inertia, Jonathan Reinink was on a previous episode that you should listen to. Also, Jason talks about how he likes using Tailwind.

[00:06:06] Learn more about a JavaScript package called Headless UI that Tailwind has and what Inertia does. Andrew brings up an episode of The Bike Shed podcast called “All Things Inertia” that’s worth a listen, where Jonathan explains Inertia, the integrations with Rails, and how and why you would use it with Rails.

[00:08:48] Jason talks about something else that’s appealing to him about Inertia. He also tells us about working with data, making a project model, and how things started to get really cool using Pagy and its Metadata mode. 

[00:13:04] Andrew shares something he sees people missing the point about in View Component. He also goes in depth about a great component library from Seek-oss called, “Braid Design System.”

[00:18:58] Jason tells us his struggles with components and how having the React pre-built it’s like a lesson in how to structure things. 

[00:22:09] Andrew gives a shout-out to ADHD, our constant friend and protector of all things happy, and goes into having a weird perfectionism around things he built. Jason chimes in and talks about having the same issue.  They also talk about their ADHD meds they’re taking and how it’s changed their lives. 

[00:27:41] Andrew shares one of the best things he’s ever done for his ADHD, which was getting an ADHD coach he met on Twitter, Dusty Chipura, and how helpful she was.

[00:29:04] We have a Ruby announcement! Check out the article linked below! 


Jason Charnes

Andrew Mason




Ruby Radar

Ruby Radar Twitter

Headless UI



Inertia.js Rails Adapter

Remote Ruby Podcast-Joined by Jonathan Reinink, Creator of Inertia.js-Episode 66

The Bike Shed Podcast Episode 291: All Things Inertia.js with Jonathan Reinink

Pagy Metadata Extra-GitHub

SEEK-OSS Braid Design System

Remote Ruby Podcast Episode 97: Joined by Adam Wathan: TailwindCSS, Tailwind UI, and ActionView Components

Dusty Chipura Twitter

“Adding support for cross-cluster associations to Rails 7” by Eile

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