Go (Golang) is a programming language that is statically typed and compiled. The language was designed by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson at Google. Go compiles down to machine code which makes the language really fast. On top of that, the language provides garbage collection, memory safety, and structural typing, along with CSP-style concurrency. The language share many syntactically similarities with C and C++, which makes it easy to pickup by people working with similar languages.

What is Go language used for?

Go is a language that was designed by Google, specifically for system programming. The language allows you to write large applications for distributed systems and highly scalable servers. Some might see Go as a predecessor of C++ and Java.

Is it worth learning Golang?

Like most programming language, Golang is worth learning. It's important however to use the right tool for the right project and Golang (or Go) is perfect to learn if you want to work on system level applications, or larger web-based projects.