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We teamed up with some friends of ours at Heroku to promote the Code-ish podcast so we’re sharing a full-length episode right here in the Go Time feed. This episode features Johnny Boursiquot (Go Time panelist) on the mic with guests Edward Muller and Rishabh Wason talking about Go at Heroku.

Learn more and subscribe at heroku.com/podcasts/codeish.

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Notes and Links

Many organizations and teams have adopted Go for its focus on concurrency and efficiency, and Heroku is no different. Although it’s no longer a “new” language, diving into Go can be intimidating, whether you’re a seasoned programmer or a new hire. Johnny Boursiquot, Ed Muller, and Rishabh Wason discuss the joys and challenges of learning Go, applying it to projects at Heroku, and teaching colleagues how to write idiomatic code.

Check the show notes and transcript for more details.

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