Focusing in on PostgreSQL

Choosing a database is hard. They each have their pros and cons, and without much experience it is hard to determine which is the best fit for your project. In this episode Johan Brandhorst joins us to talk about Postgres. When is it a good fit? How well does it scale? What libraries exist in Go for using Postgres?

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Notes and Links

  • Ingres - the project that Postgres evolved from.
  • jackc/pgx - Go Postgres library mentioned on the show.
  • lib/pq - Go Postgres library mentioned on the show.
  • Masterminds/squirrel - SQL query builder mentioned by Johan as his unpopular opinion.
  • ory/dockertest - A tool for running tests with docker containers; useful for spinning up Postgres instances for testing.

Panelist Jon Calhoun also wrote two blog posts covering topics mentioned on the show:

Special guest Johan Brandhorst gave a talk about Postgres and Go at GopherCon EU:

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