PostgreSQL, also known as Postgres, is a relational database management system (RDBMS) that is free and open-source. The software is widely popular for storing relation data for web-base applications. PostgreSQL emphasise extensibility and technical standards compliance. Which make the database used for a wide variety of web services with many concurrent users. PostgreSQL can be deployed on a single machine or spread out on clusters among different data centers.

What is PostgreSQL used for?

PostSQL is very popular database that is used in many applications and software to store relational data. PostSQL allows developers to add custom functions when using different programming languages. PostgreSQL is designed from the bottom up by an open source community to be modular and extensible.

What is difference between MySQL and PostgreSQL?

The two are very similar types of databases and are used in similar types of software projects. However the main architectural difference is that MySQL is a relational database whereas PostgreSQL is an object-relational database. Both are open source, while still offering enterprise solutions. Where PostgreSQL is owned by the community under a liberal license and MySQL is owned by Oracle and is CPL licensed.

Is PostgreSQL better than MySQL?

That 's an impossible question to answer, as its a factor of personal preference. MySQL is by far the most popular of the two and is famous for its easy of use and availability among service providers. While PostgreSQL comes packed with what some might say is more advanced features and a more liberal licensing, it is often referred to as the open source version of Oracle.

Is PostgreSQL free for commercial use?

PostgreSQL is totally free, open source and available for commercial use. The project is distributed under a license that is similar to BSD or MIT. PostgreSQL does provide an enterprise version with added value for larger corporations.

Is PostgreSQL a NoSQL database?

PostgreSQL is not a NoSQL database, NoSQL databases does not use SQL, which is used throughout PostgreSQL.

How do I download PostgreSQL on Windows?

You can download PostgreSQL for windows by visiting and selecting the Windows version. Once the program is download simple open the exe file and follow the instructions provided in the welcome screen.

How do I delete a PostgreSQL database?

If you don 't use some sort of third-party UI application for PostgreSQL you will have to do this from the command line. Specify the name of the database and use the DROP DATABASE command.

DROP DATABASE databasename;

How do I stop PostgreSQL server?

There are many hassle-free ways to manage PostgreSQL database like the or DBngin for macOS and for windows you got PostgreSQL Maestro. These applications are UI based and is simple a one click operation to start and stop your PostgreSQL database.

Otherwise you will have to use the command line and use tools like systemctl or similar.

systemctl stop postgresql-10.service

Who owns PostgreSQL?

PostgreSQL is an free and open source database with a liberal license and owned by the community. The project as a whole is managed by Global Development Group.